About us

“A bubble, a shadow, a fog, a constant anguish, a dormant fear. The ones who suffer it, may agree with canadian writer and journalist, Patricia Pearson, anxiety is a shape-shifter. It visits in unfamiliar guises”

Anxiety Magic is a site meant to help people deal, cope and overcome anxiety and panic disorders. As a person that has suffered harsh periods of anxiety and dreadful panic attacks, i know that one tends to feel lonely and isolated from everything else. When anxiety started reigning over my world and i begun feeling afraid of driving, of going out, even to answer a phone call was a stressful situation for me, then, i knew i was facing a problem.

It is normal and healthy to have a  little anxiety in our lives, because anxiety is not a condition, it is a natural response. However, when it affects your behavior, thoughts, relationships with others and leads you to panic attacks, you have to pay attention to it. It is very important to find a way out of the cycle.

Being aware that anxiety and panic affects many people around the world, we, at Anxiety Magic, are always trying to look for different solutions and treatments, precisely to find a way out of the anxiety-panic spiral.

That is why, our focus is on anxiety treatments, because there are a great deal of approaches and recommendations out there, but everyone is different, what worked for me, may or may not be good for you. Therefore, we try to keep our minds open.

However, we have found and, it is widely known, that cognitive behavioral therapy and self help therapies can have excellent results. Therefore, among our contents you will find many techniques that depend, primarily, on the willingness of oneself. Because, given the internal nature of anxiety, it is required, inevitably, for us to recognize our fears and start taking away their power. It may sound strange, but often the right solution is the least expected.

We hope to be of good help, at the end of the day, it is what matters the most.


                                                                                                                                                                            Anna Jenkins


Anxiety Magic Administrator