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At some point in our lives, we are all affected to a lesser or greater extent, by some anxiety. We must not forget that anxiety is not a condition, it is rather a natural response of the body to heightened sensations. However, when this starts to gain much more importance than we would like, even limiting or preventing us to carry out tasks, previously done without any difficulty, we are facing a problem.

Anxiety is like bubble that surrounds you, and separates you from everything else, affecting your behavior, thoughts and world view. Sometimes anxiety can lead to an extreme, causing panic attacks, hence increasing the spiral of anxiety and making a challenge out of every day. You might start thinking that the solution is to avoid activities that trigger the anxiety, but this is not a sustainable, long term approach. It is is very important to find a way out of the cycle.

Anxiety and panic attacks are lived in a very personal way, for this reason we must pay close attention to the treatment of choice, because what works for some does not work for everyone. There are countless approaches and recommendations on the treatment of anxiety, but most of them are designed to cope with anxiety and not to overcome it.

However, it is well known that cognitive behavioral therapy can have excellent results. We need to take action, and start leaving our fears behind and take away their power. It may sound strange, but often the right solution is the least expected. This is why the secret to stop being afraid of panic attacks is, quite simply, want to have one. This causes a disruption in what our body and mind expect from us.

Initially wanting to attract the panic can sound a bit scary, but it is actually the proper way to take control. This technique, along with some others, can really help you overcome your anxiety disorder and put an end to those terrible panic attacks.

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