Five Myths About Anxiety and its Treatments

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Anxiety disorder affects many people and is a common problem worldwide. It is a disorder that is generally not well understood, so it is surrounded by endless myths, from how it should be treated, to if you can really overcome it or not.

Myth 1: Anxiety disorder is not a real problem.

There is a tendency to take it lightly, however, the anxiety disorder is real and manifests itself in many ways and that can and should be treated.

Myth 2:  Anxiety makes people lose control over themselves.

They might think that those who suffer from an anxiety disorder cannot control their reaction to it, however, this is not true. It is indeed very important, if you want to overcome anxiety, to try and take an active part in the way you react.

Myth 3: Avoiding what you think triggers anxiety and panic attacks, is the key to avoid them.

Another widespread myth is that if you avoid stressful situations or in which anxiety is manifested more often, you can heal and completely avoid the panic attack. This practice rather than cure anxiety, it’s going to gradually limit your daily life.

Myth 4:  Anxiety and panic attacks can cause death.

Symptoms of panic attacks are terrifying, including heart pounding, pain and difficulty breathing. However, they cannot cause death. Those symptoms are associated with a body’s reaction to a perceived danger, therefore, are never stronger than the body itself and usually disappear as soon as  the nervous system sends signals indicating that the threat is gone. Naturally, if you are concerned about the misplaced sensations, you should seek the advice of a physician, just to rule out possible causes. Doing so is not only important from a medical point of view, but it will help reduce anxious thoughts that something more serious might be wrong.

Myth 5: You cannot treat anxiety.

There are, in fact, many treatments that can be effective to overcome an anxiety disorder. Varying from some drugs to cognitive behavioral therapy.

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