Anxiety Treatment: New Year’s Resolutions for those with anxiety

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It’s a new year and with it come the New Year’s resolutions … and the anxiety and frustration for wanting to change over night, what we have not managed to change so far. There is nothing wrong in setting goals for the year that is starting,  but the idea is that they encourage us to be better instead of being a source of frustration.

It is important to remember, when planning this year’s resolutions,  the goals we had for last year and what we managed to achieve and what not. This is not to get carried away by the anxiety of the year’s end, but to analyze what we have been doing, and how can we do it better.

There is a traditional set of resolutions: to lose weight, exercise more, save money, quit smoking, have more rest, worry less, among others. We tend to start the year eager to achieve them, but we later forget about them or just give up on them. It is for this reason that many times instead of a “to do” list, it is important to reflect on why we have failed to achieve our goals and ask ourselves what we really want, as a more general plan.

This is why we would like to offer five quick suggestions to have at hand when working on your New Year’s resolutions, all within a rational framework, always striving for more, but avoiding the disappointment of not always getting the desired results.

Set realistic goals

When planning your resolutions, remember to be realistic and try to stick to them, once you feel confident, you can set goals more demanding. For example, a typical New Year’s resolution is to enhance our physical activity. It is really important to make an effort to achieve this goal, because physical activity is key to controlling anxiety and stress. The idea is not to become the new fitness revelation, but to add a little extra exercise for the sake of our health.

Change patterns 

Changing thought and behavior patterns is key to overcoming anxiety. However, do not try to change everything at once, it can be frustrating. Our behaviors do not develop overnight, so to change them it takes time and patience.

Express and share

It is very important to have someone share our successes and fears. Our family, a support group or friends can help you a lot to keep fighting for your goals. It is always positive enlist the help of others and remember that we are not alone.

Appreciate every step

It is normal to make mistakes and find some obstacles when we want to achieve our goals. If you are unable to make exercise at some point, or are having a hard time eating well, or if you feel that stress is starting to take the best of you, do not give up, setbacks are part of any process, just keep on trying.

Seek for help

If you feel that stress and frustration are preventing you from meeting your goals, do not hesitate to seek help. Accepting help is not a sign of weakness, it rather shows you really want to achieve your objectives.


Have a great New Year!

-Anxiety Magic-

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