Aromatherapy for the treatment of anxiety

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Aromatherapy is an ancient art. It is all about giving a therapeutic use to different essential oils of plants, which combined with massage oil, bathing or diffusers can have beneficial effects in people.

These oils act through smell, which, is believed to be directly connected to the brain portion where the center for emotions and memory is located.

The aromas of these natural essences can help relieve anxiety and relax. Combining aromatherapy with other therapies or treatments for anxiety can be very beneficial, as it used correctly, do not usually cause side effects. In any case, always remember that if you have any doubts, questions or discomfort, you should consult with a specialist.

These oils can be used individually or can be combined. Some of the most recommended for anxiety are:

  • Azahar: Used for stress and anxiety.
  • Bergamot: It is good to increase self-confidence and alleviate the frustration. It is uplifting, refreshing and relaxing.
  • Lavender: A substance known for its sedative properties, it relaxes and soothes. It is excellent for reducing anxiety. Jasmine: It is used regularly to remove fears.
  • Orange: Used for insomnia, depression and anxiety.
  • Frankincense: Produces a feeling of calm and quiet.
  • Patchouli: It is used to control anxiety and depression.
  • Sandalwood: This is ideal for reducing stress, fear and depression.
  • Ylang ylang: Relieves frustration and anger.
  • Rose: Special to calm fears.
  • Cypress: They have a calming effect on the nervous system.
  • Melisa: Traditionally used for anxiety and depression as well as to calm heart palpitations.

Classification of essential oils

Different oils are classified according to their consistency, in:

Fluid essences: volatile liquids.

Balsams: of thick consistency.

Oleoresins: viscous liquids.

Methods of Use

Inhalation: Direct aspiration may be through diffusers or applied directly to tissues.

For topical use through the skin: Essential oils are absorbed through the skin and have their effects throughout the body. You can use these oils for massages or in bathing water.

For massages: Essential oils should not be applied directly to the skin, it is advisable to mix them with a basic oil, such as mineral oil. This combination of essential oil with a base, is ideal for massage, just add 10 drops of essential oil per 30 ml of basic oil.

In bathing water: You can make your own mix of aromas. The oils are best absorbed in the tub because the warm water makes them more effective. Usually use no more than 8 drops of oil for a bath.

Some recommendations and warnings about the use of essential oils: *

  • Do not ingest, unless you are under the guidance of a professional.
  • Do not exceed the number of drops or time of use.
  • Do not use during pregnancy. Avoid sun after them over your skin.
  • Remember also that some essences are not recommended to apply directly on skin.
  • Some essences are not recommended to be used in case of epilepsy, always consul your physician.

*These are only some recommendations. Always consult a specialist when you have doubts on the subject.

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