Anxiety Treatment: Dealing with anxiety at night

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“Sometimes people have the impression that their experience of anxiety is like being hooked up to an electroshock machine and that it just takes a flick of the anxiety switch to cause a flood leading to a full blown panic attack.”
Barry McDonaugh

People who deal with high levels of anxiety, feel they are lucky to make it through a day without having a big panic attack. Deep down, though, they are afraid it could happen any time, day or night. Hence, they remain on alert at all times.

According to Barry Macdonaugh,  panic attacks do not hide in the darkness, waiting to for the right moment to appear; panic attacks are something that, to some extent, we decide to start when we feel we are out of control. You may feel a little tight in the chest, and start thinking: “This is too much, I cannot take it anymore”, this, coupled with a state of alert, it’s enough for our brain to send physical signals to the nervous system, that proceeds then, to send adrenaline throughout the body, producing a real reaction, a panic attack.

Once the panic attack is over, you return to the state of anxiety, waiting for the next panic attack to happen. Obviously, these feelings make it very difficult to achieve a relaxed state of mind. This can cause sleep disturbances, which does not help the overall situation, because according to some studies, anxiety is highly related to a state of exhaustion, whether physical, mental or emotional.

Everyone can have periods of sleeplessness from time to time and there are many pressures that can take away our sleep. Adding the fear of a panic attack will not help in any way.  It is good to know,  that as far as sleep is concerned, it is better quality than quantity, so if you try to see every night that passes just another opportunity to sleep, you can, then, remove the pressure that forces you to sleep.

Another good practice to get a good night’s sleep is to exercise every night, because the mind can try to stay awake, but a tired body definitely is going to be stronger, helping us achieve the desired sleep. Besides this, it is obviously necessary to avoid alcohol and caffeine a few hours before bedtime.

Finally, if you wake up at night or have trouble sleeping, try to remember those times you’ve been wanting to sleep and it was not possible. Remember how you felt, how your eyes felt heavy  and you could not control it. Try to relive those feelings, and think how good it feels this moment, when you are completely free to fall sleep.

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