How to help someone having a panic attack?

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A panic attack is somewhat confusing and very scary. These attacks usually occur suddenly. Because its symptoms, who suffers them, may immediately think something is wrong, causing great confusion. However, despite the uncomfortable sensations, it is well known that a panic attack is not really life threatening.

For those who suffer a panic disorder, fear becomes a cycle, they are always afraid of the bodily sensations during the attack and dreading the moment for it to happen again. It is therefore important, as a friend, partner or relative of someone suffering from this disorder, to know how to handle the situation and try to calm the sufferer, while respecting their pace of recovery.

If you’re with someone suffering a panic attack, it is essential to maintain a confident attitude and to keep a warm and affectionate but firm tone, this way, the person is going to feel less overwhelmed. Also, try not to underestimate or dismiss their fears in any way, remember, panic attacks are real.

Physical contact is important to express and demonstrate safety and assure the person that they are not alone. Encourage them to try to control and regulate their breathing and if you know some relaxation techniques, try them out. Remind them that the crisis will last a short time and will soon pass.

If in a crowded public place, try to guide the person to a place a little more private, or at least, try get them some space and avoid those who do not understand this type of disorder or tend say insulting things. If there is something those who suffer from panic attacks fear, is what other people may say, so it is best to minimize any additional stress.

There are also some great techniques and treatments for people suffering from anxiety disorders and it is good, if you live or are close to someone with any of this disorders, to  learn about them to understand what they are going through and provide a better support.

It is very important to pay attention to the person’s symptoms and the evolution of the attack. If the sufferer has never had signs of anxiety, or after a long time does not seem to regain peace (usually a panic attack lasts about 15 minutes) or you just want to dispel any doubts, do not hesitate to seek medical advice.

If you are interested in a complete guide deal and overcome anxiety, we recommend the Panic Away Program  by Barry McDonagh, because we have found that his advice can help anyone who wants to bring back some calm and sense of balance to their lives, with very simple techniques.

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