Living with someone with an anxiety disorder

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Anxiety is a very difficult disorder. When a person has this problem, lives always worried, nervous and extremely anxious. Besides the constant anguish, this condition also leads physical to ailments such as muscle aches, nausea, fatigue and tremors.

Though anxiety is lived in an intimate, personal way, it always affects more than one person. Out there you can find help and advice for those who suffer the disorder but what about those who have to deal with the anxiety of their loved ones every day? What advice can be given to them?

Here are some tips for those who live with a person with an anxiety disorder:

Patience is key. Recovery from these disorders requires time. Also, communication is essential. It is not always going to be easy. There will be times you may feel frustrated and even angry about the effect that this condition may prove to have on your life.

Learn about it, inform yourself. This will help you know what is happening to your loved one and what to expect.

Be understanding do not underestimate their disease, anxiety is a real disorder, and the sufferer often worries a lot about what others might think.

Show yourself confident, those who have high anxiety levels tend to be very controlling of their own life, environment and relationships, because in general have low tolerance for improvisation and are always afraid, thus it helps if they know you are trustworthy.

Talk a lot, talk about their concerns and worries and seek together possible solutions, possible outcomes. This will help them see with new eyes every concern.

Visit a professional for your own sake. Living with someone with anxiety can sometimes be very exhausting, it is normal to feel angry, confused and guilty, so, if you need it, do not hesitate to consult a professional.

Take some time for yourself. Helping a loved one who goes through a bad time, is a noble task. However, do not let go of your own needs.

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