Symptoms of Anxiety

by admin September 28, 2011

Some patients I see are actually draining into their bodies the diseased thoughts of their minds.  Zacharty Bercovitz Anxiety is a reaction generated by the nervous system. Although it is believed is mostly psychological, it is well known that can produce several symptoms of different natures. These symptoms can vary from small discomforts to intense […]

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Anxiety and depression

by admin September 26, 2011

 “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” Helen Keller When analyzing the different nervous disorders, there is a constant debate between anxiety and depression. Both disorders are among the most consulted and is very high the rate of people who have suffered either one or both […]

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Breathing techniques for anxiety

by admin September 24, 2011

Anxiety, whatever its source, can cause an imbalance in the rhythm of our breathing, this, is related to many uncomfortable physical symptoms such as dizziness, cramps, headaches, palpitations,  among others, due to the excessive removal of carbon dioxide. Practicing slow, deep breathing, helps restore calm and relaxation, strengthening, in turn, the pulmonary system and cardiac […]

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How to help someone having a panic attack?

by admin September 20, 2011

A panic attack is somewhat confusing and very scary. These attacks usually occur suddenly. Because its symptoms, who suffers them, may immediately think something is wrong, causing great confusion. However, despite the uncomfortable sensations, it is well known that a panic attack is not really life threatening. For those who suffer a panic disorder, fear […]

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