Quick advice to deal with anxiety

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Whether you feel anxious from time to time, or you are aware that you suffer from an anxiety disorder, here we have some quick tips that will definitely help you feel better:

Relax… seriously:  We all believe that we know how to relax or we can do it whenever we want. However, laying around the house or in front of the TV for hours is not a real relaxation technique, it’s just a temporary solution. A true relaxation session includes, inevitably, to exercise one’s breath. Whatever the technique or exercise, may be yoga, tai chi or meditation, all have the common denominator a correct breathing and redistribution of the  oxygen through the body.

Eat, Sleep, Exercise: Generally, the key trilogy of a balanced and healthy body, less prone to exhaustion, and a body, according to some, that can manage better the anxiety levels.

Share with others: As it is always said, anxiety tends to alienate, to separate. We avoid situations in which we may suffer a panic attack in public. However, contact with other people is good, is a way of showing ourselves that there is nothing to fear. Talking to others about what goes on in our minds is extremely healthy, helps us realize that we are not alone in this, because  everyone eventually gets to feel anxious.

Enjoy nature:  We all need some contact with nature, going to a place to breathe fresh air is good for body and mind.

Remember to stay positive: It may sound cliché, but it is proven that positive thinking gives you a fresh approach to any problem.


Anna Jenkins is a freelance writer for “Anxiety Magic: Anxiety and Panic Attacks Treatment”. If you are looking for more advice to help you through your anxiety treatmen,  you will find great information on our website http//www.anxietymagic.com

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