Short History of Anxiety

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Anxiety is an inherent human condition. This is because from the beginning, we have had a strong survival instinct, fear before real dangers, distress about the unknown and a very natural anguish about our condition as mortal beings. All these emotions have served historically to react and defend ourselves against real threats, like wild animals or natural disasters.

Although anxiety disorders have existed throughout the history of mankind, it was not until 1980, whenit began to be recognized as such; before this, people were diagnosed  of having stress, nervous breakdowns or hysteria. This resulted, in general, in patients receiving the wrong kind of treatment.

Many people in the past, has been reported, suffered from anxiety disorders and panic attacks, but the treatments received were ineffective and in most cases even dangerous or ridiculous.

In ancient times patients were offered as anxiety treatments: herbs and balms, hydrotherapy (which was the application of extreme temperatures of the body), even the dreaded bloodletting with leeches, to name a few.

With the advent of psychoanalysis, many came to the therapists’ chairs to seek for a better understanding of their anxiety problems. Later with the evolution of pharmaceuticals, certain drugs began to be prescribed to people with symptoms of anxiety.

Currently, more media attention has been paid to anxiety disorders and panic attacks. More people are aware of the presence of such disorders and there is, generally, more interest in seeking appropriate treatment.

This understanding has helped to eliminate gradually the social stigma, allowing people to talk about their disorder. As a matter of fact, it was once considered a “problem” exclusive for women, because they were the ones that, traditionally, went to therapies regarding this subject. However, we now know that both genders are equally affected by anxiety disorders, because men, as well, are starting to open up, and seek help.

Despite the progress, anxiety still continues to be a very misunderstood disorder and there is still much to be done regarding the investigation of its causes and the improvement of its treatment.

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