Special technique to help you overcome anxiety: gratitude

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Although it may sound corny to some, gratitude is an art. It is, also, a great tool to stop anxious thoughts and very valuable addition to our anxiety treatment. Sometimes, anxiety can make us feel isolated and these thoughts lead us to feel we will never be able to feel part of something again.

People with generalized anxiety disorder or panic, spend much of the day constantly monitoring their body and mind, asking themselves how they feel, what they think, if they are comfortable or not, if a panic attack might surprise them, among other thoughts. And, the fact is, anxiety feels like something that surrounds us and is always present, causing  distress and stealing those moments when we should be feeling blessed and happy.

But how to eliminate that constant feeling of anguish that isolates us from our own happiness? A good tip is to stop focusing on our mind and try to focus on our heart. This is where comes in the art of gratitude.

The Heart Math Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people reduce stress and self-regulate their emotions. They have been researching for 15 years, and have found that regular practice of the art of gratitude has a chemical effect and can dramatically reduce stress, improving the performance of individuals.

There are several techniques to put into practice the art of gratitude. As one of the simplest, we will briefly outline the technique recommended by Barry McDonagh, author of the Panic Away Program:

  1. Start by closing your eyes and direct your attention to the heart area. Imagine you feel the a heat emanating from the center of your chest. Place your right hand in that area. If you’re in a place surrounded by people, just imagine having your hand there. For a minute, imagine this area glowing warmly.
  2. Now, focus on something in your life that you really appreciate, can be several things: your family, friends, health, work, home, …  we all have something to be thankful. The idea here, is that you focus on that feeling of gratitude and appreciation to trigger a warmer feeling in the chest area. This state brings a very positive change in emotional state.
  3. Once you feel you’ve been exercising its peak, open your eyes. There is not a range of time to do it, can take a few minutes to half an hour.

As an additional advice,  it is best if you perform this exercise in a lonely place, but you can do it anywhere, whenever you need. Try to practice it regularly, it is best to incorporate it into your daily routine and you will see that the results are excellent.

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