The importance of Water

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L’acqua, vetturale di natura (Water, nature vehicle)
Leonardo Da Vinci

Everywhere we are told of the importance and benefits of water and how it is essential for life. Everyday, more and more benefits of staying well hydrated are discovered. Fresh water is a key ingredient in any diet.

You might be wondering, what can possibly be the relationship between water and anxiety? Well, it was found that water is a simple yet powerful ally to relieve symptoms of anxiety. This is because, as Da Vinci said, water is a vehicle and in our bodies, almost all bodily functions are controlled and linked to the efficient flow of it.

When the body is dehydrated, it might begin to perceive the lack of water as an alert and even interpret its safety is threatened. Therefore, remains in a state of anxiety, ready to release, any second,  the hormones that it deems necessary to fight (or flight) and triggering, thus, a panic attack.

The usual problem with water is that we often forget we must take it, so much, that 37% of Americans have such a weak thirst mechanism that is often mistaken for hunger. You do not have to wait to feel thirsty, to drink something. Go ahead and try to drink water regularly, you will notice how your body will appreciate it, not only decreasing its anxiety levels, but improving your general health and energy.

So go, grab a glass of fresh water and … cheers!

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