Understanding Anxiety

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If you’re trying to treat and overcome your anxiety, you should first understand what this really is. Anxiety is a natural response, not a threat nor a disease, it’s not even a specific fear, it’s nothing but a way our bodies react to heightened sensations.

When we are way too sensitized, for some reason, this reaction can become a problem whose clinical term is generalized anxiety disorder and is closely related to panic attacks and many types of phobia.

According to Dr. Claire Weekes, who was recognized for her studies related to anxiety disorders and nervous breakdowns, anxiety is caused by physical, mental or emotional exhaustion, which sensitizes the nervous system, making body and mind more prone to find threats where none exist.

Of course there are diverse levels of anxiety and different situations in which we probably have to face it. Many times, an exam can cause some anxiety, which usually disappears once everything goes well.

In the case of anxious people, this sensitivity continues, even when they know, consciously, there is no reason to feel tense anymore or that there are no real threats. In such cases, the nervous system is constantly getting ready to respond to imminent danger, this is called fight or flight reflex.

Often this nervous reaction gets out of control, producing what is known as a panic attack. The body senses a threat and comes to release hormones such as adrenaline. Producing many different reactions including increased heartbeat, change in the distribution of the blood, rapid breathing and dilated pupils. In short, everything necessary for us to fight or flight.

The problem with panic attacks is that these feelings are misplaced, which heightens the fear. It is different to feel our heart pounding after doing some exercise than to feel this suddenly, when we are doing the grocery shopping or when sitting in front of our computer. The feeling is disconcerting. We think, of course, that there is something really wrong with our body.

However, it is good to know that, although we cannot completely control our anxiety, it is not meant to harm us, even in the most terrifying panic attack. It is, actually, the body reacting to something.

Knowing this, what we have to do is choose an action plan and an attitude towards our anxiety. The fact that you are concerned and willing to do something about it, is the beginning of the journey towards recovery.

Anna Jenkins is a freelance writer for “Anxiety Magic: Anxiety and Panic Attacks Treatment”. For more information about treatments to overcome anxiety, you can visit our website http//www.anxietymagic.com

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